Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Knotwork pieces going on show

For some time I've been learning how to use a few Celtic design principles, such as step patterns, and knotwork.

Copyright © Michael Garaway 2017

These design devices have names such as "King Solomon's Knot" and "Josephine Knot" which can be self contained units, or extended and interwoven to varying degrees of complexity.

Copyright © Michael Garaway 2017

I have two recent pieces of work which use these ideas, related to an actual location by the River Kennet in Reading, particularly the Gas Works Lane area which has a steel bridge structure that suggests an interweaving knotwork pattern.

Copyright © Michael Garaway 2016

Copyright © Michael Garaway 2019

Copyright © Michael Garaway 2019

Both of these pieces will be part of my stand display at the Contemporary Art Fair in Newbury this coming weekend.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

summertime recall

“Oakwoodley” - the blistering summer of 2018, shining on the Oakwood Centre at Woodley near Reading. The completed work is to be included in my display at the Contemporary Art Fair in Newbury 11th & 12th May.

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

miniature canvas

“Near Blakes Lock” is to be my contribution to the miniature canvas sale of the next Contemporary Art Fair - 11th - 12th May at Newbury, in support of the Princes Trust

Monday, 24 December 2018

Season's Greetings

© Michael Garaway 2018 All rights reserved

This is to say a big Thank You to all my colleagues, collaborators, co-workers, and customers who helped to make 2018 an enjoyable and successful year for me. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

The animation was made with Adobe products. It it based on a Victorian terracotta chimney at Blake's Lock in Reading.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Rockin'Relics - at Reading Minster stages 7 to 10

Towards a New Relic for Reading - 7: Cutting a DVD optical disc into two halves.
Towards a New Relic for Reading - 8: Dry-run positioning and part assembly.

Towards a New Relic for Reading - 9: Closer to the vision
Towards a New Relic for Reading - 9: Closer to the vision
A New Relic for Reading - 10 AND HERE IT IS : The title is “DA2K”
A New Relic for Reading - 10 AND HERE IT IS : The title is “DA2K”
Images copyright © Michael Garaway 2018 All rights reserved.

This is the verse that serves as a statement for this work:

Multimedia cumen in, a College posts a call;
I answer for a job therein, to teach the Digital.
So Reading my address becomes, my work - Academy;
That’s gone, but here - my ID card - presents the memory.

The title - DA2K, refers to the Digital Academy - the DA, and the year 2000 - 2K, which is when I first came to Reading and had this ID card.

Rockin'Relics - at Reading Minster stages 2 to 6

Towards a New Relic for Reading - 2: A tangle of possibilities

Towards a New Relic for Reading - 3: Realising a reliquary from sketches to the make
Towards a New Relic for Reading - 4: red oxide to eventually hold together the planned visual complexity.
Towards a New Relic for Reading - 5: Construction proceeds according to plan

Towards a New Relic for Reading - 6: Attaching a USB drive and cable

Rockin'Relics - at Reading Minster 1

I've answered a call out made to local artists to submit a new kind of reliquary - for a personal relic for Reading.
This was the "brief":

You are invited to imagine a secular relic and create a reliquary to house it as part of a new project: New Relics for Reading.
Your reliquary will become part of an installation that will be shown alongside Reading Between the Lines’ new play, Henry II, in Reading Minster in October 2018.  Hand in will be at the end of September.
Why? What is a relic?
In Medieval times holy relics drew thousands of pilgrims to Reading Abbey. When Henry VIII destroyed the Abbey in the Reformation the many relics associated with it were scattered far and wide.
Today many people think of relics as secular – valuable mementos, remnants, vestiges from the past which individuals or groups of people consider precious. Relics are powerful, important things (or ideas) that people choose to keep and which might draw visitors to the town.
What is a reliquary?
A Reliquary is a container that houses a relic (or the idea of a relic). The materials that it is made of and its decoration reflect the nature of the relic and sometimes it takes on the shape of the relic.

We would like you to reinterpret the idea of a secular relic for Reading and to create a reliquary for it. These new relics may be real or imagined. They may refer to the past, the present or even the future. We ask that they are all associated with Reading.

I thought of the reason I came to Reading in the first place, to teach and lead Multimedia courses for Reading College, at their Digital Academy site in Wokingham. And so it seemed right to consider my first ID card from that time as my personal relic. It's a credit card format - the format I use across my work, and indeed I have used the very card as a template and measuring device for many of my pieces.
The container would be another kind of rounded rectangle, of a size to fit within an allocated space, and it would be encrusted with items to do with multimedia - cables, plugs, memory modules, a USB drive, an optical disc. As I explored ideas in the sketchbook, it became clear that the disc would form doors to open up and reveal the ID card, held in an anti-static bag.
The overall colour would be the red oxide I use in my paintings.
I've run a week-long social media build up to revealing the final outcome, and the stages in that sequence are repeated here:

Towards a New Relic for Reading - 1: A jumble of IT and AV items languish on a studio bench

And so it was...

I completed the new work shown in my previous entry, showing eight of them along with other examples of my work in the exhibition "landscape energy structure Art", and many of them went to new homes.

Copyright © Michael Garaway 2018

Copyright © Michael Garaway 2018
Copyright © Michael Garaway 2018
Copyright © Michael Garaway 2018
Copyright © Michael Garaway 2018
Copyright © Michael Garaway 2018
Copyright © Michael Garaway 2018

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Another show...I'd better do some work

Copyright © Michael Garaway 2018
Copyright © Michael Garaway 2018

I will be showing work with fellow RGA member Lynda South at the Turbine House Gallery in Reading in September, an interesting historical venue which relates to our interests in landscape and technologies. My observations in the gallery space, which retains some of the original water turbine machinery, are beginning to bear fruit. The images show twelve pieces developing from my initial photos, sketches and notes, using pencil and watercolour so far. Acrylic to follow.

Power - the End of Before

"End of Before" Watercolour & Acrylic 12 x 12cm Copyright © Michael Garaway 2018
I happened to be in London on the afternoon of 13 July, and saw the thousands of people taking part in the anti-Trump protests on that day. The inflatable “blimp” effigy of Trump, although I didn’t see it for real, still remains iconic of the protest, and I really needed to do something with it.

Thinking back to another inflatable, what I came up with seemed the obvious thing to do, “quoting” from a classic Pink Floyd album cover. Surely someone else must have done something along the same lines?

I have taken the shapes of Battersea Power Station through my 12mm grid process, using my own palette, and I’ve used a local sky as a starting point for a voluminous blue backdrop to the composition.

The blimp is simplified, but retains just enough significant detail for an informed  viewer.

So, this piece - “End of Before”, is my own modest expression of concern with how this new world leader is operating, including the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.

The title came about after I’d read various press articles and commentary, generally stating that with Trump, the alliances and relative certainties of the past 70 years are fast disappearing.